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If you read it spicy, you I'm sorry.


〜ストーリー形式〜[funny cat Story ]
guy, Tsu dirty! It's later cat kick sanction!〜
Public drinking place. Wow, that guy with his hands ...I tried to make the first time in a story format.It's Japanese. Next let's also make English.
Appearance/Koyuki (American Shorthair Silver Tabby)/Chacha (American Shorthair Brown Tabby)/Sakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby)/The truth is always a good friend of the cats.
〜ストーリー形式〜Cat, overcomes the instinct of play, to determine the pose of beauty.〜
Cat Chacha (American Shorthair Brown Tabby) I always cute gesture, but carelessly, you will want to put the words.
Cute and gesture, and I hope that you can enjoy the interesting dialogue. . . ^^
〜ストーリー形式〜〜[Funny Cat] criminal cat, it is shot being cornered! ? ~〜Story〜
I tried playing with the video of Sakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby).
Cat that has been cornered in fish thief, also the situation of the desperate situation I survive in cats pace! ! !
I tried to make in a story format.
Please enjoy all means. . .
〜ストーリー形式〜[Funny Cat]
cat fun of radio gymnastics〜story〜
Cat is a casual story format that was placed in a daily scene words.
I tried playing with since moving in cute gesture during the nap of cat Sakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby). . . ^^
ストーリー形式〜【funny cat】
Cat collected ... No, cat fishing! Challenge!〜
Cat fishing with a cord in rats of toys.Really do heavyweights catch!
Cat of my boom of Sakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby) chasing rats. It is the battle. . . ^^
ストーリー形式〜【funny cat】
Actress cat! Acting cat convincing! ?〜
Cat Sakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby)This time, actress debut!
You show me a convincing performance at the audition.However, truly cat-like. Concentration does not last.Speed of bored, it is universal. . . ^^
ストーリー形式〜【funny cat】
Pokemon cat, it is this happens in the monster ball.〜
Documentary that followed the cats to be summoned in the Pokemon monsters ball! ?
Sakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby) aboveChacha (American Shorthair Brown Tabby) under
〜Cat dance〜
It is a dance that reveals the nature of each of the cats of our house.The cute gesture I am glad Once healed and pleasantly smiling.Chacha (American Shorthair Brown Tabby)Nene (American Shorthair Silver Patched Tabby)Koyuki (American Shorthair Silver Tabby)Akane (American Shorthair Red Tabby)
ストーリー形式〜【funny cat】
Cardboard House, please come from entrance〜
Comfortable, cardboard Mai House.
Visit ... entrance from the roof not know
But, truly cat-like.
And trampled is Do not be fazed as well.
Please enjoy the story. . . ^^
〜Cat, first of Cat Paul〜
At first, I was gonna buy abrasive nail of cardboard lineage, but because our house cats sharpen the crunchy nail in the dining chair, ... not call for mind.And though it was high ... and, and complain, I do occasionally use out of politeness. However, ... in tatters because it sharpens in invariably dining chairSo adult buying this (set of four).It is a big joy.I tried to how to videos you use.