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〜The camera can not keep up with the cat of movement is too fast〜
Cat of the movement is too fast, the camera will not catch up ...And to always have unfussy, it is incredible when the switch enters.Chacha (American Shorthair Brown Tabby)Is Sakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby) to the way of the camera..
〜Cry cat is a lion? !〜
Movement of the last cat to not Hunt in too fast camera I was UP.Now that you have taken a similar view, if you slow motion of the last whopping change to the voice of the lion! !Growl of a cat, Garurururu. And try to hear all means. . . ^^First normal speed, it is slow motion into a second time during playback.
〜Cat the camera is anxious〜
Even walking around the room, your state camera is no way in the mood.
Walk, and Looking At Camera. Walk, and Looking At Camera.
By turning back, Looking At Camera. How to care is a cute.
〜Cat in basking in the sun〜
Cat in basking in the sun
Nene (American Shorthair Silver Patched Tabby)The time cat is a nap, I feel like the passage of time becomes very slow.It is healed and looking.
And I just sleeping in the sun, the healing effect of the cat is amazing.
〜Cat knows the name.〜
Sakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby)
If you call a name, it will answer.But, truly cat-like ...Just shake tail
〜Cat and catch the ball〜
Cat Sakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby)Koyuki (American Shorthair Silver Tabby)I tried to enjoy the catch.Sakurako was me superb catch
〜Cat to get in the way of tail in shooting〜
Akane the nap of (American Shorthair Red Tabby)
Fuwarifuwari and tail of ahead in the middle screen to chillin To shooting.
Who the tail?Tail of the owner is,Was Sakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby).
 お昼寝の邪魔。と、猫に怒られる。〜The way of taking a nap. And, it gets angry cat.〜
Comfortably sleeping cat.
Chacha (American Shorthair Brown Tabby)
Phi Phi, try expressing your ass pom because snoring was heard
I would get angry been to.
〜A sleepy cat tried to shoot from the bottom〜
Divided Ireland Hinata cat heaven.
Sleepy cat on the tableSakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby)
Just be healed to such a sleepy only.
〜Cat yawn. It is cute swollen base of the beard〜
Cat nap time under the table
Akane (American Shorthair Red Tabby)Put a beard before, it bulges is the base of the beard.But it was a little patience, yawn ...That is a gesture is cute.