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〜hug! I want to play! The cat kick the knee Takeshi appeal.〜
〜hug! I want to play! The cat kick the knee Takeshi appeal.〜
Cat Sakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby)
One of the appeal, the cat kick that uses a person's knee. Involuntarily, it is cute you want to hug..
〜hug! Playing! The Happening knee in cat kick Takeshi appeal〜
〜hug! Playing! The Happening knee in cat kick Takeshi appeal〜
When you want playing with Kama~tsu with cat-chan Sakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby), you kick a person's knee. The kick to have and gradually excitement. I ended up falling from the bed by force.
〜The Actinidia stick to cats stomach in basking in the sun.〜
I tried to put the Actinidia stick with Pontsu the stomach of the cat Nene (American Shorthair Silver patched tabby).
It was me pretty drunk.. .
〜Cat, give and take heart? The only scary been glared?〜
Favorite mouse toy. And but I want to hog ...
A good friend of the cat each other, it will give and take to refrain.On, Sakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby)Below, Koyuki (American Shorthair Silver Tabby)
〜Metabo cat of my boom. Prey to wait to sleep〜
Cat koyuki in (American Shorthair Silver Tabby) laser pointer play, my boom that chase is entangled in the legs of the desk. It is very cute gesture.
. .
〜Cat play. Paws sliding!〜
Akane [American Shorthair Red Tabby] cat will chase the lightly light. However, the nature of Akane, suddenly switch enters so easy shark is easy to hot, it will turn off the sudden switch. Finally, it will show a superb sliding.
〜What. This prey! Cat, battle mode!〜!
When the cat of Sakurako is gently sleeping in (American Shorthair Blue Tabby) boxes, light of prey came. Become cross-eyed, and swing swing the tail. It is a pretty figure going become a hunting mode. Light penetrates in the box, Chacha (American Shorthair Brown Tabby) is also out with the hand.
〜Prey discovery! Cat of the pupil will be perfectly round.〜
Prior to use, after use? Of, it is a cute variation of the cat of the pupil.
Once you prey discovered, ... before beard also become perfectly round your eyes eyes
Cross-eyed of perfectly round your eyes eyes are gradually approaching before.
This cat, and even though it has already been seriously hunting, it is somehow cute ... ^^;
〜Ass frilly cat. Why is cute, even though it aimed at prey.〜
Cat Sakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby) is
Seriously though is aiming prey, ass frilly.
Seriously lower the attitude to defeat the ear Become a cross-eyed.
But, but it is somehow cute..
〜Cat, when you do not want to play the enlightenment of the facial expression.〜
I want to play with the cat. ... But that when the mood is not Nora it is not me playing
Sakurako Since pet bottle cap love child, you put out the sound of various temptations, and has been corresponding as enlightened ...Truly cat-like ...This convenience can not Wu is taking into account.Still, you can forgive anything from a cute