It has translated by Google translation.
If you read it spicy, you I'm sorry.


〜It is a facial expression to become a calm sleepy heart of healing cat〜
It is easygoing warm fuzzy healing sleeping face of our house of Chacha (American Shorthair Brown Tabby). . .
〜It will stick fascinated to cute cat gesture. l〜
PET bottle label to crazy about Akane (American Shorthair Red Tabby) that one by one is very cute. . . ^^

〜Brilliant jump of cat I've taken from the front. 2〜
Of motor nerve preeminent cat Sakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby) brilliant jump from a higher position.. .
〜Effect healing rumbling sound purring cat.〜
Rumbling sound of the cat, which is also a theory that has the same effect and healing effect out of the dolphin. By all means, please be healed in rumbling sound to play the throat of Nene (American Shorthair Silver patched tabby)
〜Even meat ball spreads good feeling cat〜
Nene (American Shorthair Silver touch de Tabby) it will ring the rumbling throat comfortably is. Cat I open big involuntarily paws seem pleasant. . . Rumbling sound of the cat which is said to have the same effect and healing effects of the dolphin, everyone has been healed. . .
〜And glued to figure Playing cat. Crazy innocent cat to mouse toys〜
Forget the catapult time when looking at the figure Playing cat. Sakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby) will play always innocently at full speed. Mouse toy is a big excitement
Cat, heartwarming Ina Bauer!
Cat Sakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby) is basking in the sun. It is sleep and after grooming hair, but Ina Bauer 2 showcase Golon and cute the sleeping form of Turn.

 無防備な猫。そのお腹モフっちゃうぞ!〜Defenseless cat. The Chau its stomach Mofu~tsu!〜
Cat Sakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby) is always basking in the sun and then eyes full sun the stomach in order to receive the light of the sun. The Mofuri wanna become is cute.
〜It is a scene up to the sleeping form of cute to nap cat.〜
Cat Sakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby). The sleeping form of I is always cute, but this time I have I have taken its cute process.
〜Cat is a well turn over only the upper body.〜
Cat Sakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby) is, will the well turn over only the upper body.