It has translated by Google translation.
If you read it spicy, you I'm sorry.


〜Cat kiss Once turned around〜
Chacha behind (American Shorthair Brown Tabby), Sakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby). It has become me and turned around After chu. . . ^^
〜Cat Gimme a play to bring toys〜
Chacha Once you have taken the (American Shorthair Brown Tabby), crazy cat pet bottle cap, Sakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby) is and has been begging to want to throw brought the lid of the bottle. . . ^^
〜The Matatabi sister cat〜
Sister cat, and Akane (American Shorthair Red Tabby), Nene (American Shorthair Silver Patched Tabby!) Quickly tipsy in the get along Matatabi. .
〜Cumbersome exercise of metabolic syndrome cat. Is this even a hard〜
Recently Few Extra Pounds of Koyuki (American Shorthair Silver Tabby) ... although it will attempt to try to exercise move in instinct of cats
〜The play is because we toy GET together! Cat! Come with〜
Sakurako (American Shorthair Blue Tabby) is for sale, setaria. Cats is set to be Let's play together. . . ^^

〜Vegetarian cat. You eat the lettuce〜
Lettuce favorite Cat Akane and (American Shorthair Red Tabby) and light snow (American Shorthair Silver Tabby). . . ^^
〜Brilliant jump of cat I've taken from the front.〜
Movement is a splendid jump of nerve outstanding cat-Sakurako-(American Shorthair Blue Tabby). . . ^^

〜Mind is relieved to cuteness of cute cat.〜
The home of Akane Idol presence (American Shorthair Red Tabby) sleep appearance is also very cute and too much cuteness heart also relieved.

〜Very cute up that was the cat of blank look〜
Sakurako is very cute face After playing with (American Shorthair Blue tabby) cat was able to shoot. . .

〜Cute cat 2 princess. Please be all means healed.〜
The cold is coming and the cat will be round, but it is a wonderful dumpling state.
Chacha is (American Shorthair Brown Tabby) and Nene (American Shorthair Silver touch de Tabby)